About us

Civen OÜ was founded in year 1991 from “PI EKE Projekt” engineers. With over fifteen years of activity Civen OÜ has achieved a good reputation as a firm with lot of experience and competent specialists.

Our firm makes drawings for new buildings, also drawings and documentation for renovation and reconstruction for existing buildings.

Civen OÜ is capable of covering the full cycle of structural design in building process: geodetic surveys, Engineering studies, building expertise, architectural solutions and constructions, building special sections, building monitoring.

Execution of works by Civen OÜ is based on our solutions and recommendations in accordance with the independence and neutrality of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC), (set out in the Memorandum motto): “Design consultancy must be operationally independent from builders and suppliers and may not receive any benefits which may prevent them from being impartial in decision-making in the interests of subscribers. ”